Why I Love Calendar Blocking So Much | Thedailymel Day 5

So apparently I dry shampoo my hair and comb my hair for nothing because the nature is getting too windy today today I want to talk about an idea that many of us might have a problem – grabs the idea that we can never have enough time you just you want to do so many things but we just don’t.

Have enough time well guess what you can make time and I’ve talked about this before one of the ways that you can.

Have more time is by establishing a morning routine and I started my morning routine about a month ago because I wanted to have more time to read more time to journal and just suffer flag before I begin my day before anyone else wants my attention I have that small moment of window for me to just be by myself I have not been reading because I feel like I still don’t have in our time hmm no wait a.

Minute you just said that you can have more time with morning routine I know let me get to that I realized that from calendar blocking right see that’s the thing about calendar blocking is that it’s a form of tracking.

Day life in a way I would say so and what I’ve gathered from the last couple of weeks of my day-to-day routine is that I’ve not really follow a lot of my automated block times and one of that is actually shower time it’s gonna get a bit TMI.

But I have to put it out there because it’s it makes sense as much as I love to take my shower in the morning I usually don’t.

Because I like I prefer to shower after I cook and I usually cook around 11 12 in the afternoon for a lunch time and I cook like big nails for lunch.

And dinner so I always get really hot and sweaty and so I just I just prefer I just prefer.

To have shower after after cooking you know so if I’m not having shower at this time why not just love it I scheduled checking emails the same time as having lunch.

No I don’t always check emails around at time too so I figured okay it’s not a big deal I he’s gonna move it out and I just scheduled it in when I want to check email I move that shower time and then now I have some time for reading shower time I.

Schedule in about a half an hour because getting ready takes about half an hour and I realize usually after shower time I always have this like two hour gap for me to do work whatever work and I feel like that day so I just drag it down and have like an hour.

Of reading to myself come on you’re blocking it’s a magical thing if I’m not convinced you to try calendar blocking well I hope.

This video somehow change your mind a little bit it is a form of tracking and I like to track things I like to see what I’ve done and I’m I would say that I’m a very absent-minded person it’s hard to believe to some people but I can be quite absent-minded I can space out quite a bit because I’m always in my own world by having some of these things in front of me I would be able to just make deductions.

From there and decide Dandan how I’m gonna continue to improve my.

Life so now instead of just automating things that I don’t do I replace that with.

Something a bit more intentional and now it has to make my day more purposeful so I hope that this video has inspired you it is getting a bit too windy I think I’m.