Best Calendar Apps For Ipad & Iphone

Welcome everyone it is Andrew from idv and we’re going to take a look at some of the best calendar apps for iPad starting off with the best one on the list fantastical there is a whole lot to love in this app they have a great navigation with a whole bunch of little gestures and swipes that you can use.

To pull down to go from day view to week view all the way into month view you can sleep all the way back up to get back to your kind of dashboard type view adding stuff is super easy and you can even use it doing dictation.

And has intelligent kind of natural language processing to take what you say or.

Type and figure out how to actually make that into a calendar appointment or a task for that matter the app overall just looks really really nice it’s clearly very well polished app as all the other ones are it’s available you know for your iPhone Apple watch and Mac as well so it’s pretty much the full.

Ecosystem type app I actually really really love working in it it does a bit of a dark UI but actually that can be changed inside the settings tapping the checkmark in the top left hand corner open up the reminders list and it.

Does integrate with Apple’s stock reminders app so you can completely replace the calendar and reminders map with fantastical I just have something in hit enter they’ll put it on the list.

You can even give it a time or date and it’ll put that reminder in for that time as well settings has very many things you can customize here a few different things for the calendar is like which calendars you want to actually use I like it it pulls.

Them in natively from your stock calendar app that you already have set up you can.

Also make changes to the widget you can highlight certain weeks and moments you can do the layer.
UI so if you want a light theme.

So the dark theme definitely doable here in fantastical a bunch of other specific things you can set up to really get detailed and make them tasks like house the best calendar app for you I really even like the widgets in this app you can actually.

Change which widgets you display inside of the app itself but it just looks really smooth really thought out.

Really well put together fantastic out is available in the.

99 next up we have calendar 5 from Riedl it definitely comes across less assuming it’s a lot more white space and very.

Much lighter UI overall the in fantastic tell us so I don’t really like it as much it still is a great looking at you have all the different views on top from day week month in year as well as it’s nice scroll bar along the bottom jump between.

Left hand corner the settings option where you can connect to your Google.

Calendar or if you want to use your local calendars you can choose which.

Calendars you have displayed different view options different time zones a lot of basic calendar things that you may want to.
Go and set up like what Dave the week stuff start out.

And what badge icon you want to display Riedl makes a great.

List of productivity apps so if you already use some of them in there other and your other workflows you may want to just.