200k Course Launch / Launch Vlog 1

Good morning puppy you be good boy now hey hi um good morning day one of my venture short day in the life of the month that I’m launching blog or vlog just woke up and i’m going to get ready to go gym so here we go all right heading to the gym and holy crap it is really cold.

And snow me so i was having some thoughts this morning about okay so last night i did a facebook live webinar and basically what i did is hi.

Um I took a webinar that was already doing well that I had used webinar jam with slides and things like that and basically what I did but we’re good oh hi Sophie.

What are doing how are you doing anyways basically what i did is i sent all those slides to kinkos so I just literally sent them like my google slide presentation or powerful and whatever you want to.

Use I said hey can you print all these slides off so there’s about sixty dollars because i had a hundred slides and i did a facebook life where I literally just did my exact same webinar presentation but i actually held up the.

Slides and keep the presentation and and you’ll sold up in just like webinar gave information just like any webinar promoted at 45 minutes ahead on social media only I.

Have about fifteen thousand people in my group about 10,000 on my facebook page and about 5,000 and another group that I have so during the webinar I sold about ten thousand dollars growth products and now i’m running facebook ads to.

It i’m definitely going to use a strategy again for future launches and then automate it to different funnels anyways it was like okay.

I’m going to the gym but like i just had this thought and I thought you guys might like it if you want me to teach you more.

On this like exactly how i did it what i said all that stuff.

Thumbs up let me know and i was born met holy crap these roses keeper no a lumpy.

Of my blog because I have a launch coming up in march i believe it’s like march 21st or something.

But I asked in my ventures with community on Facebook.

You know my three group told awesome if you guys you know would like that if you’d like to see.

What I do on a daily basis like prep for my launch you know then during the live long how it goes all that tuft on the blog that so right now i’m no david sleep everywhere eee something welcome to the mid life of not sorry i never know thanks off every 27 the roast little less than a month away from launch and so i’m guessing is going to be.

About of about a month long slog I’m training for every day.

Here because you know work right now we have a lot of luck schedule.

Actually talk you can kind of watch oh that’s the block I already agreed to Michael Fallon all the videos social media posts I have my webinar ready.

Ice we get couples uh like you to note that some of us have schedule to my audience throughout the webinar vhdl.

Like I you both make sure that it’s really my voice and that what I’m hearing is information you know that it’s time that helped me what not hear that was you guys so yeah I most of that stuff like already made them during the challenge email tonight I can promote this challenge and yeah I do everything clearly so also.