My Vote For Best Podcast App – A Stitcher Tutorial

Hi everyone this is Laura hammock from the marble jar channel and in today’s video I’ll tell you about my favorite podcast app stitcher why I like it better than the others that I’ve tried and I’ll take you through all the features that I like the best so I have been on a hunt for the best podcast app now.

For years stitcher is the fourth one that I have.

Tried and I like it the best by far so in case you are interested the others that I tested out were.

The indigenous Apple podcast app eye catcher and overcast stitcher has a premium service which involves content but I just used the free app so for whatever reason I have found podcast podcast apps to be unnecessarily confusing because I’m reasonably tech savvy I generally chalk this up to design flaws for rather than user stupidity but I was honestly starting to wonder in the case of podcast apps was there something inherently confusing.

About RSS feeds so once I found stitcher I realized that it was possible to have a clean straightforward interface that didn’t bury controls and that gave me all of the options that I wanted so first of all let’s just.

Talk briefly about the virtue of podcasts I grew up not watching much TV but listening to a ton of talk radio so I was a natural convert in fact before streaming podcast became popular I attempted to approximate them by and I’m gonna date myself here by downloading old episodes of this American Life and burning them to CD.

So that I could listen to that in my car and on runs so thankfully podcasts have made that process unnecessary because it was a huge pain in the butt and the CD had a tendency to skip while I was.

Running now I listen to a wide variety of stuff but right now I’m partial to podcasts with a political or a philosophical bent so the biggest issue that I have with other podcast apps is around downloading I don’t have unlimited cellular data.

So I’m really careful not to use a.

Ton of data by downloading podcasts outside of Wi-Fi other podcast apps made this unnecessarily confusing and difficult inevitably I would have no idea whether.

It actually downloaded or not so then I would start listening to it and it would use up a bunch of.

Cellular data or in order to find all of the downloaded episodes I would have to go digging into each show just to see the downloaded episodes for that show I found the whole.

Thing confusing but stitcher makes this download info much clearer let me show you first of all they make it clear that there are three groups for podcasts favorites saved and download favorites is all the podcasts or shows that.

You are following regularly this list is for shows or podcasts not for individual.

Episodes you can view either by shows or by episode.

Episodes shows you the latest episode for all of your favorite shows for example criminal is a show that I’m following and the latest episode of criminal is right here so you can change the setting to show all episodes up here by kitten hitting this gears icon saved episodes are episodes that you have tagged to listen to later it doesn’t download the episodes unless you change that setting it just bookmarks it for later so listless list is for individual episodes not for whole podcasts they do not.